Proud alliance

Since August 2000, Steel Software Solutions have worked tirelessly to ensure our software products and solutions compete effectively in the IT sector. As our reputation has grown for providing strategic, intelligent and innovative software development, we are delighted to move forward with a brand new product.

Initially focussing on profiling and processing within the steel industry, we forged a strong alliance with The P.P. Group of Companies and as a result, have produced remarkable, purpose built software solutions. Our Profile Logic ERP software has already contributed to P.P. Group’s performance in the profiling and processing sector. Our latest product Rallivo, is set to revolutionise the supply chain procedure of certification validation. No more non-conformance just validated performance, thanks to innovative problem solving. Originally conceived to assist P.P. Group, this web application is now available to any industry requiring certification auditing; so simple to use, you will be validating your supply chain within seconds of registering as a user- instantly and effectively boosting productivity.

Helping to meet your business objectives

Our goal is to make your business as efficient, productive and profitable as possible. By developing Rallivo, we have simplified supply chain procedure. We designed the web application to be used intuitively by all in your QHSE department. Efficiently freeing up valuable resources to increase productivity is not only an intelligent way forward but could become essential, as the global austerity measures continue to bite. Rallivo will seamlessly enhance your business and as one client testified:

“I instinctively knew how to use Rallivo, I can’t emphasise enough how beneficial this platform is to the evaluation process. Automated continuation of use after the trial, allowed us to immediately use the software for an unexpected project which had a fixed time deadline. Due to the confirmation of conformity, we could confidently accept the challenge. We could see at a glance, that all the required documents were valid for the duration of the work.” - Steven Hughes, P.P. Group QHSE Director.

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