History. Partnership. Innovation.

Steel Software Solutions was incorporated in August 2000, to deliver IT software development and specialist technical assistance to the steel industry. Our passion for excellence, industry knowledge as well as commitment to ongoing development, ensured a successful and confident venture. Our success attracted the attention of the P.P. Group of Companies who were keen to collaborate with the right partners in order to develop software ideas and concepts. The group were eager to fully utilise the latest technology and have a completely autonomated business. Due to our extensive experience, Steel Software Solutions were ideally placed to step into this role. Profile Logic - an industry leading ERP system - ensued from the partnership. Senior management were now able to take full control of all processes, from quotations right through to invoicing.

The sheer scale of the benefits and creativity this alliance brought to both businesses was unanticipated; together we had not only created a software system that was going to provide a competitive advantage, but it was readily apparent that the resultant synergy could only bode well and be advantageous for the future.

The relationship continued to flourish by way of ongoing development and improvements to the software; the P.P. Group realised that they were now at a standard which placed them amongst the best in the industry. The partnership with Steel Software Solutions had not only progressively increased profitability and efficiency, but had also contributed to the rising positive brand awareness of the Group as a whole. Steel Software Solutions had also gained high credibility and we started to branch out and specialise in other industry sectors offering our IT services.

Streamlining procedures with automation

As the difficulties of the harsh economic climate began to bite globally, the two companies assessed the need to streamline procedures; together they developed Rallivo – an automated, supply chain evaluation web application. Once again, the collaboration of the P.P. Group and Steel Software Solutions was conducive to maintaining their positions amongst industry leaders and forward thinkers. Dynamic but intuitive to use, Rallivo instantly revolutionised the certification verification process and the partnership between the two companies fulfilled all the promise shown on the first steps of this unified journey.