The Ultimate Supplier Certification Evaluation Software

If you are a business that regularly uses a supply chain of companies in order to function, you will be familiar with the inevitable delays that can affect the process; and occasionally have the detrimental effect of bringing the entire procedure to a halt if non-conformance is discovered unexpectedly. The P.P. Group of Companies approached us for a solution and thanks to the strong understanding, knowledge and experience of the two companies, we developed Rallivo as a truly innovative solution to the difficulties faced.

The ability to select your supplier, confirm the certification they hold and be alerted immediately of any changes, is at your fingertips and available in seconds. Rallivo is set to revolutionise the way companies deal with the procedure of certification validation and this cost effective software is set to become an essential, powerful tool for any business utilising a supply chain of companies. To visit the Rallivo website click here.

Join the growing list of companies from a variety of industries who are enjoying the benefits of this essential software. Simply click here to register now for your free trial.

Key benefits and features:

  • World-class autonomation – locate, select and validate your supplier, leave Rallivo to handle the monitoring; with any changes relayed to you by automatic e-mail and/or text alerts, you maintain full control of the situation. QHSE departments will be left free to manage strategy and logistics of operational requirements - boosting productivity and profitability.

  • Transparency - Complete overview of your suppliers and their current certification. Operational analysis can be collated in seconds, freeing resources and enhancing performance. Crucial information is displayed in real time with no ambiguity.

  • Simplicity – Despite dynamic features and cutting-edge programming, Rallivo is a platform designed to be intuitive and a user-friendly experience.

  • Security - Developed with the latest legislation in mind, Rallivo has powerful security features; a combination of AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithms to protect personal data and supplier-related relationships. Confidentiality is at the heart of the software; your customer list or supply chain cannot be determined by any other platform user. Only your own personal data and supplier/customer relationships are visible to you. Steel Software Solutions has created an essential safe environment to evaluate with total confidence and maximum privacy.